Sunday, April 9, 2017

Best Automatic Coffeemakers

Best automatic coffeemakers come in all shapes and sizes. You  can find ones that make regular coffee, and those that make specialty drinks  like espresso or latte. No matter what your coffee fetish may be, you can find  automatic coffee makers to suit your needs. Some come with coffee  grinders right in the machine and many can be automatic so your coffee is hot  and ready to go when you wake up for work in the morning.

You will find that automatic coffee makers will last longer if you take care  of them. Always remember to turn it off when not in use to make sure a longer  life. If you drink a lot of coffee, your machine will have to work harder, and  you’ll find yourself replacing your machine more often.

Best Automatic Coffeemakers

Also remember to keep it clean by running a mixture of water and one cup of  vinegar though the machine once in a while. This keeps the insides of automatic  coffee makers clean, and keeps the coffee tasting better. Don’t forget to run  water through a few times after using vinegar to make sure there is no vinegar  left in the machine.

If you choose to buy automatic coffee makers with timers on them, you save at  least ten minutes of time in the morning. You fill the machine at night, and the coffee will be prepared when you tell it to. So if you have to get up at six am to get ready to go to work, you might want to set your coffee maker to start  preparing at 5:45.

This way, your coffee is done and ready to go. If you are impatient, they  make automatic coffee makers with flow interruption. This means you can pull the  flask from the machine to pour a quick cup, and the flow of coffee will stop  momentarily.

Automatic coffee makers come in all sizes, colors, and varieties, so shop  around. You can find a color to compliment you kitchen decoration, and a model  with the features you need. There are coffee makers that will prepare full pots, models that will make one quick cup, and still others that make four cups.

Buy according to what you drink. There is no sense in making ten cups a day  if you only drink three. You can also find automatic coffee makers that are  moveable, perfect for camping trips, or when you are staying with friends or  family who don’t drink coffee or own a machine of their own.

Best Coffee Maker Deals

Every barista (professional maker of coffee drinks) will have his or her own method. Here’s mine…

It all starts with water. No coffee grounds, no matter the quality, can overcome the result of using poor water. It must be fresh and very hot. Yes, even water can get stale, thanks to mildew, poor cleaning practices and inadequate filtering. The optimum temperature is 203F (95C), nearly boiling.

Next comes the coffee. Select arabica – whether from Brazil, Bogota, or elsewhere, grown above 3000 feet (915m) and delivered fresh for roasting. Either self-roasted or bought within a few days after, the coffee should have that ‘fresh food’ smell.

Robusta – though easier to grow and more disease resistant – has more caffeine and less flavor. It should be reserved for those quick pick-me-up cups, not used for an espresso to be savored.

Best Coffee Maker Deals

Finely ground in burr, not blade, grinders the roast should be dark –  French or Viennese. The name refers to the color, not the origin. Blade ‘grinders’ actually chop, not grind. Burr grinders have pyramid shaped teeth on two plates that grind the beans between them.

The distance between the plates determines the fineness of the granules. Sand grain-sized is good, powder is too fine, and small-gravel too large. Of course, the grind should not be exposed to air any longer than necessary. Coffee, like any food, will oxidize and absorb odors from the air. Neither is conducive to a good cup.And, last but not least, a good espresso requires a good quality pump espresso machine that’s scrupulously clean. ‘Good quality’ means: generates heat by boiler or thermoblock and is capable of producing pump pressure of 9 bar or better. A ‘thermoblock’ heats water as it passes through the machine on the way to the pump. Avoid the cheaper units that rely on steam to create pressure.

dNow you have the basic elements. Next comes the process.(more…)